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We swim Sundays
Every Sunday from October to May we organize winter group open water swimming sessions in beautiful Athenian Riviera.

We swim After Office Wednesdays
Every Wednesday from June to September we organize group open water guided swimming sessions.



Our WeSwim Community helps people in search of a change in their life style who want to swim in a non-competitive spirit and experience nature in beautiful locations by breaking the circle of loneliness and by helping them to improve their fitness level and psychological balance


We Are a Salty Family

We bring the beauties of the sea closer to people as they discover beautiful natural environments and new swimming routes.
We promote new ways of learning how to swim in non-competitive groups and sharing the love of swimming.
We increase the number of swimmers who safely learn open water swimming attitudes, techniques and help them to build their open sea swimming confidence.


teamwork is our passion

We take action protecting the environment, our beaches and the seabed.
We organize open water swimming clinics about swimming gear & safety in the water.
We also organize charity and environment awareness swimming events for vulnerable groups.


join the comunity

  • We plan and promote unique swimming holidays at unspoiled destinations .



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